SameGoo is a game of the SameGame concept. The goal is to get a high score. Selecting an object will clear that object and all connected objects of the same color.
You cannot clear a single object, it must be connected to at least one other.
If a gap occurs between columns of objects, then the right-most ones will be moved left.

The more objects you clear at once, the higher score you will get.
The scoring is calculated by (n-2)^2
where n is number of objects cleared at once

You will also get a 1000 score bonus for clearing the whole board

DownloadSameGoo 1.21 for Dingoo A320 (1.91M)
DownloadSameGoo 1.21 for Gemei A330 (1.90M)
DownloadSameGoo 1.21 for Gemei x760+ (1.91M)
DownloadSameGoo 1.21 for Gemei x760+ LE (1.89M)
DownloadSourcecode 1.21 (2.06M)

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