GCW Zero Manager

GCW Zero Manager is a tool to make it easier to install and manage software for the GCW Zero.
For more details, see www.gcw-zero.com or the newest release thread at Dingoonity.


* Support transfer of directories
* Support deleting non-empty directories
* Add rename support
* New replace dialog supporting replace all and skip all
* Do not lock explorer while transferring
* Folders are now sorted before files in file browser
* Fix for character encoding issues
* Prevent adding an application multiple times when installing [cxong]
* Fix crash when uploading after disconnect [cxong]
* Fix crash if closing with no worker thread [cxong]
* Allow grid to stretch horizontally [cxong]
* Keep listbox text colour as black even when selected [cxong]
* Resize sidebar so scrollbars never show up [cxong]
* Misc other fixes and improvements

* Robustness, better error handling
* Possible to download OPKs back from the console
* File browser: Upload / Download / Delete files and Create folders
* System info, with troubleshooting info and system log
* New icons
* Sorting by size now works correctly
* Connections are now kept open which will make the application faster
* An icon shows connection status
* Many more misc fixes and improvements

* Fix for installing ssh keys

* Initial release

Download GCW Zero Manager 1.0